Easy Steps to Change Directories in Command Prompt – With Screenshot Pics

How to Change Directory Through command in Windows – Step by Step

Some times while working on the command prompt you might have face lots of problems like you are not able to recall the command for some specific task. I personally like to use command mode as I am a CLI (Command Line Interface) lover.

Therefore today I am going to show you the some ways how to change folder or directory in the Windows through command prompt. These are very simple steps executed in real with the screenshots for the better understanding.

Change Directory Through ‘cmd or command mode’ in Windows:

Step 1: Go to the Start Menu, type ‘com’ or ‘cmd’ and the best match will be available to you. Then Press Right button of mouse on the ‘Command Prompt’ and select ‘Run as Administrator’. Or just Press ‘Win’+’X’, and select ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’.


Step 2: In this ‘Command Prompt’,

First of all type ‘cd\’ to exit from all directories in one go and to come directly on the ‘C:\>’.

Or Type ‘cd..’ to exit one by one from each directory.

Step 3: Suppose you are are in the ‘C:\Users\Dell’ and you have to go ‘C:\Windows\system32’, If you want to go directly to some other directory then type this command,

C:\Users\Dell>cd \Windows\system32

And press ‘Enter’ key.

Step 4: Suppose you want to go directly to some other directory which is in another drive, then you should add ‘/d’ switch, a parameter used to change the current drive to a specific folder from another disk volume. To do this type command,

C:\Windows\System32> cd /d F:\1\2\Office_Logs

And press ‘Enter’ key.

Step 5: To change the drive simply type the Drive Letter followed by ‘:’ called as colon.

For example type:

C:\> E:             —-       and press enter key.

Here in this article I showed you how to change the directory or folder through command mode. These are the most efficient and easy steps which can be followed by the any user. I hope you will like it.