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How To Change The Font Size On An Android Mobile Phone – Mobile Easy Tips

Almost all types of smartphones have provided the feature to change the font size. Smartphone font size by default is set to ‘Normal’, but the people who have trouble reading the words written in mobile phones, need to enlarge the font size on their smartphones.

Some people also use it to give a look to the font. It is a matter of fact that we talk about the reasons for reducing the fonts and how will we change the font size in our smartphone. We will solve this question today through this post. So today in this article we will tell how to step-by-step reduce or increase the font size in mobile phone.

Steps to change the Font size on an Android Smartphone:

Step 1: Go to the Settings of your smartphone.

Step 2: Go to the Display Settings and Search for Font Size.

Step 3: Select the best suitable option from the options provided like Small, Normal, Large and Huge.


Step 4: If your Smartphone have slider to increase or decrease the font size, then set the slider as per your requirement.


Step 5: Now Exit. Check if the font size suits you or not otherwise repeat the steps.

These Settings options may differ in the different mobile phones companies. So just don’t worry and search thoroughly your mobile settings. In almost all the smartphones, you can easily change the Smartphone Display font size as per your requirement.